Our Services / Treatments

Gifted and talented Children's

Our intention is to identify the best in each child and to explore possible vocational / livelihood skills for each of them. In that view, various co-curricular activities such as Computer, Skating, Swimming, Yoga, Art, Dance and Music trainings are incorporated in their learning to provide them maximum exposure.


A child learns through play. But children with challenges with respect to their posture, motor coordination, attention span, language skills and sensory integration differences often are unable to interact functionally with their environment and learn from those interactions. This limits their ability to acquire many life skills. At NISSARC, we observe how your child is developing during the most significant period of development — birth through 5 years and assess your child’s global development and identify specific areas of strength and those requiring improvement. We offer consultations, evaluation, developmental interventions and play interactions to facilitate children to navigate their way confidently through this world with a sense of curiosity and wonder.


Play Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that is used for multiple social, emotional, behavioural and learning disorders. It helps children explore their world and freely express their innermost thoughts and feelings through play. It builds on the normal learning and communicative processes of children. The structured play time with limited instruction allows us to observe your child’s style of playing as well as choices and decisions during play time. Our students learn to express themselves in constructive ways and learn the most important skills of problem solving and team-work. They understand their own selves better and gain confidence in addition to cultivating empathy and appreciation for others which enhances their social skills.
We use Nondirective play therapy to help children learn to resolve their own issues given the right conditions and the freedom to play with limited instruction and supervision. During Directive play therapy, we give further instruction to help the child achieve the desired outcome.

The ” I can” approach focuses on maximizing children’s pragmatic and practical abilities. The “I am” approach focuses on improving children’s sense of self and emotional functioning.” (Carmichael, K.D.. (2015). Play Therapy With Children With Disabilities)

We employ a combination of three play therapy interventions – individual and group sessions as well as filial play therapy that helps you bond more with your child. Our play therapy sessions vary in length and are between 30 to 50 minutes. Sessions are held once weekly. Research suggests that it takes an average of 20 play therapy sessions to achieve positive results.


Our Sensory Room is designed to help your child stimulate their senses in a safe, controlled environment. Our specially designed activities satisfy their proprioceptive, vestibular, visual, olfactory, tactile, auditory and oral sensory needs. Our students with sensory challenges learn to regulate their reactions to external stimuli by developing the required skills needed to cope with undesired sensory experiences.


Occupational therapy is a treatment that supports a child who have difficulties in development delay, fine motor skills,gross motor skills, visual processing, Oral motor, Sensory, Social interaction skills & Learning challenges. OT is tailored for each person’s needs. Therapists start by looking at the strengths and challenges.Then they create an individual educational program( IEP) of exercises & activities for the children. Various Praxis like ABA, Group activities,TLMs are used in OT.


Hands on approach for the kids with developmental delays by facilitation of normal motor patterns and inhibition of abnormal posture patterns for children with CP with more emphasis on functional activities.


A branch of rehabilitative medicine, considered most effective in treating children with developmental delays like Cerebral Palsy Muscular Dystrophy, Global Developmental Delay etc…


Hydrotherapy also known as Hydropathy is a part of alternative medicine treated for children with Cerebral palsy. Water cure techniques used as a play therapy at NISSARC.