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Admission opens now !!! For admission contact 9585663880
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About Us

About Us

NISSARC can do so much with so little,
and you can also be a part of that!


Every child is born in this world for a reason. Children who are born with different abilities are meant to show us a different aspect of life. It is our duty as a parent to show them the special way, to acquire their skills in their own special way... NISSARC is one among them which will help your child to overcome their difficulties and acquire skills required for their life..

All of this has been achieved solely by donations and sponsorship received from generous individuals visiting our centre. NISSARC needs all the help and support we can get, so please read through our website to see how you can help, we can do so much with so little and you can be a part of that.

Be proud of yourself, you're really changing those little kiddos lives!
Your passion is admirable.
Never give up!
Our Services

Our Services

We work us a multidisciplinary team. A detailed assessment of the child in all physical, psychological and social domain is done. Behavior of the child at home and school are recorded . Awareness about the child's abilities and limitations are discussed with the parents. Home based therapy plan is formulated and given to them. Our team involves

Under India's Disability Act (1995), children with disabilities have the right to free education up to the age of 18. Special education is based on IEP (individualized Education Plan). As the name suggests each child is taught individually by a special teacher. Individual method is carried out according to the child's need..

One-on-one speech therapy sessions are available for children. It focuses on Preverbal skills such as eye contact, joint attention and using gestures.Receptive language – understanding what is said to them. Expressive language – using words and sentences, in a variety of different ways and for different purposes.

Social communication such as turn-taking, staying on topic and using non-verbal communication appropriately. Articulation and phonology – producing a full range of speech sounds and using them accurately.

Occupational therapy focuses on independence in ADL(activities of daily living), work and leisure for people with disabilities. For children Occupational therapy focuses on achieving developmental milestones enhancing gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, perceptual, social and emotional skills; Improving communication skills ( verbal and nonverbal) Independence in Activities of Daily Living Decreasing behavior problems related to sensory processing disorders Deals with attention, memory and concentration deficit. Handwriting difficulties Motor coordination oromotor incoordination and feeding difficulties psychological dysfunction
Physiotherapy (PT) is a branch of rehabilitative health that is considered one of the most important aspects of treating children with Cerebral Palsy. Those with Cerebral Palsy experience mobility, function, posture and balance challenges of varying degrees, and physical therapy – which focuses on basic mobility such as standing, walking, climbing stairs, reaching or operating a wheelchair – is a key element in the multidisciplinary approach to increasing a child’s mobility. ‌The goals are : ‌Overcoming physical limitations ‌ expanding range of joint motion ‌Building and maintaining muscle tone ‌Decreasing the likelihood of contractures and bone deformity ‌ improving posture ‌ improving gait ‌minimizing pain and discomfort
It is a treatment especially for CP children.The key principles of NDT are inhibition of abnormal postural patterns and facilitation of normal motor patterns. Proper positioning , handling and proper movement patterns are emphasized throughout the treatment.
Our adolescent students undergo vocational training ‌ The skills which they acquire are:
  1. Academic skills ‌ Basic reading and writing ‌basic maths ‌problem solving ‌listening comprehension ‌speaking ‌basic computer ‌
  2. ‌Communication skills ‌following instructions ‌understanding information ‌communicating information
  3. Social and interpersonal skills ‌workplace behavior and etiquette ‌handling critism ‌attending and making phone calls ‌social problem solving
  4. Occupational and Vocational skills ‌punctuality ‌accepting and following instructions ‌group skills (interacting and problem solving with coworkers)
Treatments provided

Treatments provided

Physiotherapy (PT) is a branch of rehabilitative health that is considered one of the most important aspects of treating children.

1. Developmental therapy

  • Developmental therapy focuses on the global development of a child in his crucial period (birth to 5 years). It emphasizes on the development of gross motor , fine motor, cognitive, perceptual, social, emotional , language and communication skills in children

2. Sensory integration therapy

  • Sensory integration is the organization of sensation for use. Other than the five senses( visual, auditory, tactile, taste and smell), there are two more senses vestibular and proprioception, which play important role in bringing adaptive response in a child in his environment. Sensory integration treatment emphasizes active participation and self direction of the child.

3. Play therapy

  • Play is a transaction between the child and the environment which is intrinsically motivated, internally controlled and free from objective reality. Play is used as a therapeutic modality. It is used to promote motor skills, cognitive, perceptual and psychosocial skills..

4. Reduce child mortality

  • Reduce by two thirds the mortality rate among children under five.

5. Behavior modification treatment

  • Behavior modification treatment is based on operant conditioning, which replaces undesirable behavior with more desirable behaviors by using positive or negative reinforcements.

6. Sensory stimulation

  • Sensory stimulation is the stimulation of visual, auditory , tactile, gustatory, vestibular and proprioception senses, to bring out productive response in the early childhood
Together We Can

Together We Can

Promote inclusion of children with special needs and provide ongoing training and support for teachers, families all over Coimbatore.

Big Thank You


‌Autism, ADHD( attention deficit and hyperactive disorder), Global developmental delays, Cerebral palsy,MR, Seizure disorders, Genetical disorders (downs ‌syndrome, mosaicism, Cornelia de LAN syndrome etc..), Muscular dystrophy, Erbs palsy, Meningitis, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and other orthopedic conditions..
We also teach them swimming ‌& yoga therapy

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

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Contact Us

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