Neuro Developmental Techniques (NDT)

The NDT approach is used for management and treatment of individuals with CNS dysfunction. NDT is used for paediatric rehabilitation point of view.

NDT is a sensorimotor approach widely used in the treatment of CNS disorders which results in abnormal posture and movements.
The individual strengths and impairments are identified and addressed in relation to functional abilities and limitations, NDT helps in treatment of Physical dysfunction such as :
At NISSARC we treat children with NDT which deals with not just one or two limbs but as a whole body. Not only inhibition of wrong movement but also facilitating the correct movement.
We deal with hypotonic ( low muscle tone) and hypertonic ( high muscle tone) muscles differently.


The Bobath therapy is a interdisciplinary approach to the management of cerebral palsy. The basic of this approach is to give the children an experience of normal movement by enabling the child to actively respond to specialized handling.
Bobath therapy helps the child to gain more control of their bodies, to interact with their environment, and to achieve a greater level of independence.
Bobath therapy aims to reduce the problems that develop as the child gets older.